Your Brand Needs Clarity; 3 Lessons From Andrea Copeland

Brand clarity is vital for any company that wants to distinguish itself from competitors. This concept has much to do with your messaging and actions. In most cases, you may find that a firm has a good message out through its ads, but its actions give it a bad reputation. Conversely, you may have a company with good intentions, and great products/services but poor messaging that connects it with its audience. Such disconnections are dangerous for a company that wants to outdo its competition and get its fair share in the marketplace. Read on to learn how to get brand clarity from Andrea Copeland, co-founder of Historia Group.

Lesson 1: Strategy

To Andrea, brand clarity entails developing a strategy that will provide a roadmap to get the right message across. The strategy covers drafting a mission and vision and crafting a statement around your brand that communicates who you are.

An extensive understanding of your products and service also helps build brand clarity. Think about your firm’s unique selling points and how you can attract funders. You get this understanding by clarifying your purpose and the reasons your brand exists. When you understand your brand, you can communicate clearly to your target audience and potential funders through your content marketing strategies.

Lesson 2: Deliver on your promise

Andrea points out that it’s important to leverage your brand in the market in a way that you become competitive. You do this by delivering on your promise. For example, suppose you want to create a brand focused on veterans. In that case, you deliver on that with an understanding that the experiences veterans have with your organization, plus interactions, contribute to brand clarity.

When you fail to deliver on your brand promise consistently, you miss out on developing brand trust and loyalty. Your customers may fail to come to you as your word-of-mouth reputation fails to paint your brand in a positive light.

Lesson 3: Have a Brand Structure

Once you have a brand strategy, your next step is aligning your offerings with your customer’s journey. This entails discovering the best solution for your customer’s problems and how to package that solution. Next, you can map out your customer’s journey so that you can lead them on the right path toward solving their problem using your service/product. If you don’t have clarity on how your product/service solves their problem, it will be harder for you to achieve brand clarity on the market.

About Historia Group

Historia Group is a company that provides business consulting for start-up nonprofits and businesses on a mission. This company focuses on developing and growing minority-owned small businesses and entrepreneurs from underserved communities. It also encompasses businesses that fall into LGBTQ, low-income, disability-owned, and neurodiverse businesses. One of the services they provide is to leverage technical skills to help companies create a vision and achieve their organizational goals.

Historia Group offers various services like web development, brand development, content development, funding development for nonprofits/mission-led organizations. Andrea launched this business with her business partner and sister, Natasha. The two 24 years of experience combined between them, with Andrea coming from a nonprofit operations Leadership Board Governance background. On the other hand, Natasha comes from a journalism and a technical communications background.  The two entrepreneurs have helped businesses with issues like brand clarity and development. You can learn more about their services by checking out their website.