Best Poems from HWA Poetry Showcase Volume IX

Horror Writers Association just published the highly anticipated ninth volume of Poetry Showcase October 19, 2022, as part of the Horror Writers Association’s annual poetry collection release. The anthology comprises never-before-published dark and spine-chilling poems. The collection, which Angela Yuriko Smith edited, includes a compilation of 50 poems written by various authors. The lyrics were chosen by judges Lee Murray, Maxwell Gold, and Frances Lu-Pai Ippolito. The judges selected only 50 out of the 300+ submissions from multiple authors to be part of the ninth volume, which is already a significant achievement for the chosen writers. If you’re a massive fan of horror and want to indulge in a fast-paced readathon of bite-size creeps, this collection is for you! 

Today, we’re going through the list of poems you should look out for if you consider picking up this book! All the poems are unique, but some just resonated harder than others.

“Blowtorch” by Monica S. Kuebler

Monica Kuebler’s ‘Blowtorch’ was one of the first poems that caught my attention. It was just a short one, but she perfectly painted a picture in my head. As a fan of zombies, I love how she used the metaphor of being infected in her poem. Love is a strong emotion; it can make you feel empty and dead. The verse pertains to the decision to avoid passing the feeling of dread into other people. The character metaphorically places the blowtorch in front of her left breast to prevent others from being infected and going through the same pain as well.

“October Ceremonial” by Marge Simon

Another poem that stuck out to me is October Ceremonial by Marge Simon. The poem is set at night when the moon gleams in the sky the most. We see a feast coming to life, but it’s no ordinary; it’s a feast where various creatures gather for a ceremony. Life sacrifices and toasts were made. It’s a night that deserves its call for celebration. In the end, the author finally reveals that the feast occurred on October’s last night. And what comes after October? The ultimate month for chills, November. Genius. 

“Reasons Why You Can’t Go Out to Play Alone” by Victoria Nations

This poem by Victoria Nations is one of those emotional poems in the whole collection, moving in a way that deals with the sensitive topic of loss and grief. I love how Victoria Nations structured her poem and her word choices. I love that it’s psychological and symbolic at the same time. Won’t spoil much about the meaning; just read the poem yourself.

That’s the good thing about poems in general. One can interpret them in different ways. Each person has a unique perspective on how they will give meaning to the piece of art. Poems can be done descriptively, metaphorically, or even straightforwardly. What matters the most is that the author successfully sends out the essence of the poetry to its readers.

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