She created life worth millions – now she does it for others. Remind yourself that “Life is sacred” with Riya Sokol

As an international speaker, artist, and mindset mentor, I have revolutionized the lives of thousands of people, helping them to understand the true meaning of wealth, family, money, sexuality, business, and more. My name is Riya Sokol, and I guide my audience by introducing them to a life perceived through the lens of abundance.

I strongly believe in the sacredness of life. My own awakening to this reality helped me shift my inner energy from deep depression to abundance and create an abundance of love, joy, and money from nothing. 

Growing up, I was oversensitive and performed on stage from the age of six, traveling worldwide to sing and dance. While I was living my dream, I was also exposed to an environment that was not easy for a child, especially one who was oversensitive. Throughout my experience in show business, I wanted to know more about human nature, the meaning of life, and how I created my reality. This curiosity led me to seek out more information about the subconscious mind.

After leaving show business, I dedicated my life to exploring the way human nature is constructed and healing depression without medications. This journey led me to become an inspiration for thousands of people who follow me and adjust their mindsets to one that realizes we are capable of so much more than we can imagine. As a result, I became a mindset mentor, international speaker, and tantric coach.

I am walking evidence that everything is possible. Starting from nothing, I created a life worth millions and show people how to do the same by changing their mindset. My positive energy is enough to make clients want to be around me and walk with me. Some say they don’t care what I talk about; just listening to my voice creates miracles in their lives. 

Apart from performing on big stages, I offer online programs, one-on-one or group coaching, and mastermind classes. I also provide vast free offerings online for those who want to invest their time and resources to transform their lives. The results of my clients catapulting from total lack and sorrow into manifesting the life of their dreams are beyond comprehension.

I know what works, and I have built a reputation for myself because of it. I am successful in a business that I love, and I am living my best life. I have worked with many clients who were initially skeptical about realizing a life of abundance, a life of radical, conscious creation. 

Radical, because there is no vacation from creation. Our lives are “produced” 24/7, which is why we have to navigate our minds radically so we can create consciously. Clients come to me going through a divorce, unsatisfying jobs, poor relationship experiences, and many other struggles. Yet, I now have thousands of clients thanking me for my mentorship.

Life is indeed sacred, and it is a beautiful creation. I want to remind you that life does not have to be ordinary. You can create the life of your dreams. Start by adjusting your mindset and believe that everything is possible.