How to Market Your Music and Generate Millions from Social Media from Purgion INC’s Founder Vice Wardak

Are you looking to grow your audio visual services marketing to the next level or make your social media go viral? Faisal “Vice” Wardak is the real game-changer. He is considered to be the underground plug that makes things go viral in a snap of a finger. He has worked with major labels, large application companies, influencer content houses, and many more

Vice helps people achieve massive app downloads, be authorities in their industries through brand awareness, product sales, and get artists’ albums to top-charting slots. At 21 years, he has taken his business to seven figures in under one year. 

Purging The Market

Purgion INC’s Business concept can aid in the rapid growth of any business model in exchange for a percentage of it. Vice believes that helping small businesses grow and establish themselves is better than opening new ones. That way everywhere you go you bring a piece of home with you.

Purgion INC is still bound to this concept today, whether it be Brands, Restaurants or any business Purgrion INC is made to Purge the Market.

Vice now works on a side company of his which obtains the largest content house in Los Angeles called Project Rumor. Hosting events such as a BET Awards after-party which headlined Tory Lanez, Chris Brown, PNBRock, Drakeo the ruler, and many others. A party that even had other large artists canceling their parties and attending his party.

What Purgion INC Does

Purgion INC does many app download campaigns. They work with many tech companies. Additionally, they do many product promotions and have worked with clothing brands and e-commerce stores. Purgion INC has also worked a lot with tobacco brands and influenced their campaigns.

Through marketing their brand gaining more awareness and their apps, getting tons of downloads even providing them the bottom protections. Purgion INC has heavily invested in the music industry. They do multiple marketing rollouts for artists as well, whether they are established or independent new artists. They make anyone go viral!

The Secret To Scaling

Purgion INC is a phenomenal name in music marketing and social media solutions. Customer satisfaction is at the core of their services. They make sure that customers are a hundred percent happy and satisfied. They don’t care about refunding the client to make sure they are comfortable. 

Something else is that Purgion INC does clean business. They do not do anything fraudulent or bent on lies. Their strength has always been professionalism and business etiquette. This strategy has helped their customers trust them. 

Purgion INC has worked with big names like Lil Baby, Jake Paul, Cashapp, Kid Laroi, Yeay, Warner Music, and Joe Biden. 


Purgion INC and his company are just starting. They have even bigger goals to achieve, yet they are currently the strongest team for music marketing. Many labels and social media agencies outsource them. They also have the most robust growth networks for social media pages. Additionally, they have Snapchat networks, which allow them to do YouTube promotions. 

You can connect to them here for your marketing and social media solutions. Additionally, you can connect to Vice Wardak on his social media handles.