These 4 Things By Dr. Justin Moseley Can Make Your Calling A Reality

Dr. Justin Moseley, also known as “The Mindset Doctor,” is a thought leader, the Power of Mindset Summit host, and the Comfort to Calling Summit host. He inspires others to “Exchange Your Comfort For Your Calling.” 

After surviving a near-death experience in 2018, this visionary man pivoted from running a seven-figure business to becoming one of the high-performing Mindset and Personal Transformation Coach for business owners who feel tired and frantic and are looking for significant changes in their business and personal space. 

Dr. Moseley finds joy in helping business owners fulfill their life dreams and business goals, getting past their obstacles, and exploring their full potential. 

Here are four things that made Dr. Justin’s dreams a reality. 

1. Give Yourself Permission

Are you living your dreams? Or have you settled for less than what you are capable of? Well, most people want to live their dreams, but they feel trapped in a ‘cage.’ 

Permit yourself to go after your dreams. Don’t allow what others say or the limiting beliefs you have to kill your plan. 

After experiencing the near-death experience, Dr. Moseley realized he was playing way too small, and he knew his calling was to make a more significant impact. At that moment, Dr. Moseley permitted himself to go bigger. 

When he finally allowed himself to step into his true calling of impacting people, he became an international speaker and one of the most sought-after mindset and Personal Transformation Coach for entrepreneurs who feel “caged,” in despair, and are looking for a turnaround moment in their personal and business lives.

2. Be Persistent

Persistence requires you to get out of your comfort zone as you move towards success. As Dr. Justin says, “You need to exchange your comfort for your calling.” It will not be easy as it will require discipline and consistency. 

However, persistence will go a long way in helping you to master your skills as well as experience personal growth and development. When you do something over and over again repeatedly and routinely, the information is stored in your subconscious mind making that thing become part of you.

3. Visualize Your Goals

Visualizing your goals is a way of unlocking your potential. You need to channel your energy and create the ideal conditions for a fulfilling day. By taking charge of your mindset and emotions, you can cultivate a positive state which significantly increases the odds that you will experience success, happiness, and fulfillment. 

Every day, people jump out of their beds and rush through tasks. In that way, most people allow life to happen to them instead of creating a vision for what they want their day to look like. When visualizing your dreams and goals, picture them already accomplished.

Question yourself on the goals you want to accomplish or what drives you, then start visualizing them as if they are already completed. This step is essential as it will teach your brain to recognize what resources are available to help you reach your goals. 

Visualizing your plan will also create an inner motivation to strive for your goals and dreams. Think about how it feels to accomplish your goal. What kind of lifestyle do you have? What kind of friends are you doing life with?

Visualizing before you go to sleep allows your subconscious mind to start to process what you envisioned. When you wake up the next day, many things will begin to show up in your awareness since you reprogram your subconscious mind. 

Visualizing your goal will help promote productivity and enhance gratitude. 

When you start visualizing yourself as the highest version of yourself, subconsciously, your mind will begin to believe that you are that person. But then, your body starts feeling it without even having the experience.

According to Dr. Moseley, studies show the mind can’t distinguish between an actual event and a vividly imagined one. So use the power of visualization and affirmation to create what feels like your body, actually doing it. 

4. Work Hard

Nothing beats hard work. It is said that hard work beats talent if talent doesn’t work hard. Dr. Justin Moseley is the true definition of hard work. This man is always striving to be a better person than he was yesterday, and he sets a higher standard on himself and demands more from himself than anyone else could demand from him. How can you raise your standards today?

Dr. Justin never allows himself to drift into a comfort zone since he believes that comfort zones are the enemy of your calling. 

Hard Work results in personal or self-development, and it also helps you gain a reputation as a reliable person and helps you build your confidence. 


Do you want to make your calling a reality? Permit yourself to go for it, be persistent in doing it, and visualize yourself achieving your goals. Then, let go of your comfort and work hard to achieve success. 

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