Why The BarxBuddy Silicone Dog Bowl Is My New Go-To

If you’re like me then you love hikes and camping and going on walks just about every day. If I don’t bathe in fresh air and buckets of warm sunshine every single day, then I feel like I’m going to lose my mind.

The only thing I love more than being outside is my dog. He comes with me just about everywhere I go. This includes long walks and hikes.

I encountered one giant problem when traveling with my pup, though. He is a very stubborn pooch and doesn’t like drinking out of a water bottle. I bought a dog bowl to bring with me when we hike, but this came with its own set of problems.

The dog bowl was big and took up space. It was awkwardly shaped. And of course, it would spill out into my bag after I was done watering my dog. Not to mention the obnoxious noise of it clattering around in my bag!

That’s when I found the BarxBuddy Silicone Dog Bowl. I’m not sure how BarxBuddy came up with this product, or what took the world so long to think of it, but I’m ecstatic that they did.

In this review, I’m going to give you a rundown of why my pup and I love this bowl. 

My Dogs Come with me Everywhere

Like I said in my introduction, my dog comes with me everywhere. I mean every single place. I take him on walks, hikes, to the mall, everywhere. Just so everyone is on the same page, this is his idea, not mine.

So having a bowl I can take with me on hot days is amazing. Normally he has to eat off of the ground or a towel, and while he doesn’t mind, I think it’s a bit unsanitary. This also helps me save water since it all goes in his bowl, and not all over his head and the trail. 

I Travel Light 

A water bowl might not sound like that big of an annoyance but trust me it is. Especially when you have to bring two of them for food and water. BarxBuddy’s silicone dog bowl has both of these in one convenient package, and best of all, it rolls up! The whole thing only weighs 10 oz as well which means I can literally just stuff it into my backpack and forget about it until it’s chow time. 

It is Simple 

You do not have to be a genius to use this bowl. You don’t have to fold it up like a puzzle when you’re done with it. You just unfold it when you need it and fold it up when you’re done. It’s perfect which is why it’s my favorite travel bowl.

Easy to Clean 

The BarxBuddy dog bowl is made of silicone and is a nice grey color. It doesn’t stain at all in my experience, which is nice (not like my dog would mind anyway). It’s also dishwasher safe so I just throw it in with my water bottle and other travel containers once I get home.

It makes just about everything about traveling with my dog easier.

BarxBuddy is Confident in their Product 

I’ll be honest and say that the 30-day money-back guarantee was a huge factor in my decision. I’m frugal, I’ll admit it.

So I would’ve returned this in a heartbeat if I didn’t think I’d use it almost every single day, which I have. It’s held up very well so far, and I’m fairly certain that isn’t going to change anytime soon.

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