How to Make Your Home Energy Efficient To Reduce Electric Bill Heart Attacks!

There are regular heart attacks, and then there are Electric Bill Heart Attacks. There’s nothing that causes the same amount of stress and anxiety as seeing your electrical bill shoot up, knowing that it’s an expense you have to pay and that it was your home’s electrical usage that caused it to get that high! Although it seems like this is a vicious cycle you can’t get out of, you actually can! There are ways you can make your home energy efficient and reduce your electric bill significantly. A lower bill equals no more electric bill heart attacks! 

#1: Start with the basics 
When you’re thinking of making the switch to a more energy-efficient home, the first thing that might pop up in your head is just how expensive it sounds. It’s normal to assume that you’re going to have to spend a lot of money initially to reap the low bills later, but that’s not always the case. You can get low bills immediately if only you start making changes in the way you use energy. You can start by using fewer lights around the house, turning the fans off when they’re not in use, washing dishes manually instead of loading the dishwasher several times a day! All of these little changes add up at the end and you’ll notice your electric bill reduce instantly! 

#2: Switch out the bulbs
If you’re using the traditional “regular” incandescent light bulbs, chances are, that’s where the bulk of your electricity bill is coming from! Swap those out with energy-efficient, compact fluorescent lights, Halogen incandescent bulbs, or light-emitting diode bulbs. These bulbs consume anywhere from 25-80% less energy than the traditional bulbs, which could make a significant difference in the electrical bill overall. If you’re not sure which energy-efficient bulbs would be right for your home, call electricians in Vancouver, or a recommended electrician in your general area to come and survey your home and discuss all the possible options with you! This way, you’ll have the right bulbs in your home, and the electric bill you don’t mind paying!

#3: Invest in smart thermostats
A lot of the time, a massive section of your electric bill comes from heating and cooling your home. Setting the thermostat too high or too low can significantly increase your bill, even though the speed at which the heating and cooling happen stays the same at a more moderate setting too! It’s simply too difficult to remember when you have to turn the thermostat up or down! Thankfully, there’s a solution: smart thermostats. Smart thermostats will automatically adjust your set temperature according to the needs of the home, ensuring that no electricity is wasted and that your bill stays as low as possible!

#4: Use energy-efficient windows
When you have the regular, run-of-the-mill thin glass on your windows, you’re actually losing on the temperature control front, which is why considering upgrades like central heating West Midlands can be a significant improvement. Think glass lets a lot of heat into a home, making it harder to cool down and causing your air conditioning to work that much harder! If you make the small switch of swapping out your single pane glass with a coated, or double pane glass, you’ll notice that it traps a lot of heat out, keeping your home cooler from the get-go! Then, when you use the air conditioning, especially if you’ve had a professional air conditioning installation Birmingham, the rooms will cool down a lot faster, letting you turn them off faster and in turn, save electricity (and your money!)

#5: Weatherproof your home!
Finally, we have weatherproofing. If your home isn’t weatherproof, no matter how hard you try to cool the home down, cold air will always find a way to escape! To get this done find a local Ocala roofing company. The opposite happens in the winter! A weatherproofed home is sealed off from the world, making it easier to maintain the temperature and keep the bills down!