Google AdWords Restricts CBD Advertising…for now

CBD has been talked about quite a bit recently and for good reason. It has attained “miracle drug” status among those who have used it as it has a number of properties that can relieve pain, aid in mental health, and a litany of other things.

This also means that countless CBD distributors and stores have popped up to offer these products to the public. And like in any industry, it can get very crowded and make everyone seem like the same thing.

From mental health to skin conditions, chronic pain and autoimmune diseases, there is little that CBD cannot do. Still, it hasn’t received proper testing, so it has not been regulated yet by the FDA. That one little detail is what keeps CBD from exploding to unheard of levels.

Being able to implement CBD advertising is one way that these CBD companies generate revenue. The problem is that there are far too many restrictions on advertising CBD tomake it a viable, mainstream product.

Google Ads (AdWords)

Google Ads are a huge avenue for any form of advertising. Google receives billions of searches each day and the potential is unlimited if you can run ads on adwords. When it comes to CBD marketing,  there are questions about if you can advertise CBD on Facebook and AdWords. And technically, the answer is “no”.

While the policy is not quite as cut and dry as it is for Facebook – where it is against the rules to market CBD – there are penalties to potentially be had if you do run a Google AdWords advertisement that promotes CBD products.

Not only can the ad be taken down, you could possibly be penalized on future advertisements even if they have nothing to do with CBD marketing. Google did recently as a number of CBD companies to participate in a trial for CBD advertising, though, so the promise is there that soon Google AdWords could allow for CBD advertising.

The world of CBD is still a new one and so many companies are learning the ropes on the fly. The demand is there, and more and more people are looking into using CBD products. As we continue to progress and more states legalize CBD use, that means that more and more people will likely want to give it a try.

That could mean massive things for CBD companies, especially if they are allowed to advertise through Google AdWords, Facebook, and the like.