BarxBuddy Review: Should You Buy This For Your Barking Dog?

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Dog lovers know just how important your pup is to your family. But sometimes, even the most loveable and good-natured dogs come with personality quirks. With my own pup, we couldn’t get her to stop barking at passing cars, and other dogs while we were out on walks. I heard about a new training device online, called BarxBuddy. It’s been making its rounds on the internet, most pet owners called it the biggest secret in dog training. I wanted to review BarxBuddy for myself, to see if it can really help with a dog that just won’t stop barking. So, here’s how it went.

What is it?

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BarxBuddy is a small, portable device that is actually quite handy. When you press a button, it emits a high-pitched noise that’s not detectable to humans. The noise gets your dog’s attention, and can interrupt unwanted behavior, like frequent barking. It’s portable, which means you can stick it in your pocket when you go on walks, or pack it in your bag when you go on family trips. There’s also and LED light on the BarxBuddy, in case the noise alone doesn’t get them to calm down.

How to use BarxBuddy

The best part about BarkBuddy dog training device is that it’s very simple to use. When your dog is barking, or doing other unwanted behavior, you press the button to emit the noise. For me, it made my pup stop in her tracks. Once you have your dog’s attention, you have a great training opportunity. You can have them sit calmly for a few seconds. After that, you can give them some positive reinforcement, like a treat, some praise, or a good head scratch, to help solidify the training.

Why I Love BarxBuddy

There are several reasons why the BarxBuddy makes a great training tool for dogs. Here are some of my favorites:

  • It’s affordable

BarxBuddy is great because it’s an affordable alternative to typical dog training courses. Behavioral classes tend to be expensive, and time consuming. Plus, in my experience, the training is difficult to maintain, since you’re not the person actually training your dog.

  • Brings the training into the home

When you have someone else train your dog, your dog becomes loyal and accustomed to that person. When you’re able to train your own pup in your own home, the training is strong, and it creates a loyal bond between dog and owner, in my experience. It’s also super easy to use, so every family member can be a part of the training process, including kids.

  • It has other uses

BarxBuddy is perfect for training your own dog. But it’s also great for people who may be wary of other dogs while they’re out on their walks. Most of us know what it’s like to pass a misbehaved dog, who barks and snaps at you and your family. Those moments can be scary, and BarxBuddy can be a great tool to also distract misbehaved dogs you may encounter while you’re out of the house.

BarxBuddy has been called the biggest secret in dog training. You can learn more about the device on their website at And if you want to see more BarxBuddy customer reviews, you can follow them on Facebook and Twitter.