How to Create the Proper Raw Dog Nutrition Plan to Restore Health in Dogs with Dr. Stephanie Krol

Almost all dog owners will tell you that they love their dogs. Dog owners love to play and cuddle their dogs. For Dr. Stephanie Krol, the best way to show your love to your dog is by feeding them healthy and nutritious food and preventing disease, thereby, creating their longest and healthiest lives. Dr. Stephanie is a Certified Raw Dog Food Nutrition Specialist. She is a proud owner of a Jack Russell Terrier named Winston. She confessed that she loves her dog madly and that her favorite and most proud title out of her many titles, is being a dog owner.

“Dog owners tend to feed their dogs around their convenience and not based on their dog’s health,” Dr. Stephanie remarked. In most cases, this proves to be disease creating, for dogs. She pointed out that dog owners need to educate themselves to allow their dogs to live happy and healthy lives as she works to reverse conversations like: “I am just trying to keep my dog pain free till the end now that he/she is older” to, “I have reversed the pain and inflammation in my dogs/cats joints, they wag their tail the whole time they are eating and run and play with so much energy not to mention their soft coats and sparkly eyes”. Yes, a proper species appropriate raw diet can do that for your pet! That is why Dr. Stephanie teaches dog owners how to create the proper raw diet plan to reverse disease, so their dogs can stay healthy.

A Difficult Time in Her Life

Dr. Stephanie described Winston as a brilliant and rambunctious dog with a great sense of humor to other dogs and people. He is her game boy, and  companion in the park. “My dog is filled with energy, love, and vitality. Would you believe that I almost lost my best friend?”she said.

One day, Dr. Stephanie recounted that her dog began throwing up violently and we took him in for tests and an ultrasound. So, she took Winston to the veterinary clinic near her home. “The vet told me that aging is catching up with my dog. Winston had a little injury-induced fatty tumor on his right front leg. They told me they were not sure why he threw up but the 8 hours Iwas there he seemed fine fasting, but that he had a spleen and liver issue and needed to schedule surgery for a spleen removal. He was also having trouble seeing in the dark,” she said. 

Not satisfied with the vet’s diagnosis, she sought out a second opinion at a University Clinic a few hours away, as she wanted to make sure she had the best diagnostics available.The second vet also said the same thing. The second vet told her that Winston needed to undergo surgery or his spleen would rupture, and she would kill him if she didn’t. They could not give her a reason why he was also currently sick, just drugs to stop symptoms. However, she contemplated that even with surgery because they said he had 3-4 months with and without surgery, and that didn’t make sense, and no one could explain that to her.

Dr. Stephanie loved her dog so much that she refused to accept the vet’s prognosis. Instead, she decided to take the matter into her own hands and vowed to make her dog healthy again. Talking about traumatic and scary things, she said “I did  not want to lose my dog, so I took the big risks and prayed I had time to reverse all the disease states. I was on the right track for big rewards,” she said. After multiple consultations with the best and frightened in the world, she decided against it all. Dr. Stephanie used her decades of experience in research and experimentation to discover to save her dog. She started changing his health through a species appropriate raw diet to take the burden off the body and allow her boy to heal using knowledge gained through healing sciences.

Through gobs of research and being up 24+ hours at a time, Dr. Stephanie learned the proper diet that could help Winston regain his vitality. “The simple change of diet did help my dog. It Didn’t happen overnight. It took some time before Winston was healthy again asot took years to make him so silently sick,” she explained. When Dr. Stephanie saw what happened to her dog, she knew that she needed to share it with the world. It was just the right thing to do!  “There are dogs around the world who are suffering, and what I have learned could help optimize their health and lifespan,” she added.

The Best Food For Your Dog

Dr. Stephanie discovered that many dogs are prematurely aging because they consume overly processed, cleverly marketed commercial pet feed, not food, over-vaccinating and putting unnecessary toxic chemicals on and in them just like we do for people, sadly only creates more toxicity and prevents the body from detoxing and healing. She found out that most of the promises made on the packages of commercialized pet food are often exaggerated and sometimes flat-out inaccurate and untrue. “Most commercial pet foods are made of discarded animal by-products which are no longer fit for human consumption through a process called rendering. Some of these animals used in the feed can contain tumors or lots of fat that are not good for your dog’s health,” she explained. Fatty adipose tissue is where people and animals store their toxins in their bodies to keep them away from their organs to preserve life, and we are feeding that to our dogs in commercialized diets hoping to keep them healthy, happy and pain free? No, it just can’t work that way and it doesn’t.

Dog owners might ask Dr. Stephanie what the best food is for their dogs? “Raw food remains the healthiest food for your dog in a species appropriate diet whether dog or cat.Time and time again, science and research have proven the health benefits of raw food on dogs,” she explained. 

Dr. Stephanie reminded dog owners that feeding their dogs with meals consisting of human food is not a dog-friendly strategy. “However, It is better than anything being offered in the commercialized pet food industry, but it still has ill-effects on your dog as it’s not species appropriate to cook meat for dogs among other items being mixed and so on. Combining plant foods with meat can cause a level of toxicity not good for your dog,” she said. She added that it could harm their dogs over time as it all builds up and when others things like over vaccinating and putting chemicals on or in your pets prevent them from detoxifying.. 

“The nutritional properties of bones and meat diminishes as you cook it, and bones aren’t safe cooked as they splinter and can perforate or cause obstructions. Cooking also changes the structure of the bone, not to mention making it entirely dangerous and devoid of its nutritional content. That is why I never recommend serving your dog with cooked bones, raw are integral as long as they are appropriately sized per the breed just like in the wild, this is where common sense prevails, now and through this diet” Dr. Stephanie noted.Dr. Stephanie attested that switching to a proper raw diet helped Winston become healed and healthy again, and she saw tremendous weekly progress. “A simple change in your dog’s diet can make a big difference on his health. The right food could optimize your dog’s health and lifespan, and completely reverse diseases in most cases,” she added.

Dr. Stephanie invites dog owners to learn how to restore their dog’s health through a specialized diet. “I can teach dog owners how to stop putting toxins on their dogs. You will learn a science-based nutrition plan that can prevent disease in your dog. A proper raw diet is vital in keeping your dog healthy,” she said.

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