Selecting the Right Fuel for Your Car

Whether you just got a brand-new car or you’ve been driving the same vehicle for years, you’re going to want to use the best gas possible to fuel your car. The right choice at the pump can give you better gas mileage and make your engine last longer. 

It can also help you avoid an accident from ruining your engine or other parts under the hood. Ask these Easton & Easton personal injury attorneys, they’ve seen it all. So, it’s important to know the ins-and-outs when selecting the right fuel for your car. 

Regular Gas – 87 Octane

This is the fuel that a vast number of car manufacturers recommend, so it’s widely known as the most common type of gas. On average regular gas contains an average of 85 to 88 percent octane. This gas makes most cars run efficiently, but may not be suitable for high-performance engines. 

Mid-Grade or Plus Gas – 89 Octane

Some car engines are designed to run more efficiently on a higher octane fuel. Your vehicle’s manufacturer will let you know if this is the case. Some V8 engines in such SUVs as the Jeep Cherokee or sports cars such as the Dodge Challenger have larger engines and are recommended to run on 89 Octane gasoline for better performance.

Premium Gas – 92 Octane

This is the highest octane level that’s available. Manufacturers of high-performance vehicles with turbo-chargers or high compression ratios will often recommend premium gas. Not only does the higher octane levels improve performance, but it also helps with fuel efficiency. However, if your car doesn’t specifically call for this fuel, it could actually do more harm than good. 

Diesel Fuel

This fuel is different from the others because it’s made from crude oil at petroleum refineries. Most of the passenger vehicles on the road should never be gassed up with diesel fuel, but there are some trucks and cars out there that require it. Likewise, any vehicle that requires diesel should never be fueled by regular gasoline.  

What Type of Fuel is Best for Your Vehicle

When choosing gasoline for your car, it’s always easiest and best to let the manufacturer choose for you. They know how the engine was designed and which fuel will give you the best engine performance. The very first step is to check your Owner’s Manual which will contain specific instructions for which fuel type is the very best for your vehicle’s engine.

Take a Test Drive

If your vehicle’s manufacturer recommends Regular Unleaded – 87 Octane Gasoline, it won’t hurt to go up a level and see how your engine performs. However, you never want to take a step down from the recommended fuel. In other words, if you have a car that requires Premium 92 Octane Gasoline, never fill up with 87 or 89 Octane. It could damage your engine.

Benefits of Using the Right Fuel

As said, the most important reason to avoid using the wrong fuel is damage to your vehicle’s engine. However, some benefits are important, too. Using the right fuel can save you money because you’re not paying extra for something with no benefit. The right gas will also save you money in potential repairs and help your vehicle to work at its peak performance.