Qualified Full-Time Developers Are Just a Click Away with Distro!

If you’re exhausted from the endless search for the ideal full-time developer for your startup, your solution is Distro. Created by CEO and Founder Chad Ingram, this platform offers a seamless experience for finding, hiring, and compensating remote developers.

In today’s technology-driven world, the demand for skilled software developers is skyrocketing. Startups often face challenges in identifying and attracting qualified candidates who can contribute to their growth and success. However, Distro provides a reliable solution by ensuring that only high-quality candidates pass its rigorous qualification process.

Quality and Cost Savings

One of the key benefits of using Distro is the cost savings it offers. Startups can save up to 25-30% on developer salaries by hiring through Distro without compromising on quality. Managing limited resources is crucial for startups, and Distro allows them to reduce costs while accessing top talent.

Streamlined Direct Hiring Process

Dev shops can be complex and limit your control over who is working on your product. With Distro, you can hire developers directly, eliminating the need for an agency. By having direct access to the developers working on your project, you can ensure that your vision is properly executed and maintain full control over the development process.

Distro enables startups to directly hire developers, providing complete control over the hiring process and the opportunity to build strong working relationships. Unlike working with agencies or marketplaces that may lack transparency and control, Distro empowers startups to take charge of their hiring decisions.

Recognizing the value of time for startups, Distro streamlines the hiring process by efficiently connecting them with qualified candidates. Their platform is designed to simplify the journey of finding the right developer, saving precious time.

Superior Quality 

What sets Distro apart from agencies and other marketplaces is its commitment to superior quality and filling full-time roles. With their rigorous qualification process and focus on attracting top talent, Distro ensures that startups have access to the best developers available. Furthermore, Distro’s CEO, Chad Ingram, brings a solid sales and marketing background to the table, allowing them to provide a more well-rounded service to startups looking to hire remote developers quickly.


Thanks to Distro, hiring a remote developer is fast and easy. Select the desired skill set and specifications you’re looking for in a developer, and Distro will take care of the rest, ensuring that you find the perfect match for your project. No need to stress about paperwork or taxes; they have you covered. Now you can sit back, relax, and wait for your perfect developer to arrive, ready to take on your project.