5 Ways To Make Your Meetings Matter With Scott De Long

Meetings have become a staple in the modern workplace but often become unproductive and a waste of time. According to a study conducted by Atlassian, the average employee attends 62 meetings per month, with half considered a waste of time. With such a significant portion of our work hours being spent in meetings, making them matter and driving meaningful outcomes is crucial. Scott De Long Ph.D., an experienced educator and leadership expert, provides valuable insights on how to make your meetings more effective. Here are five ways to make your meetings matter:

  1. Redefine Success and Prioritize Relationships

Dr. De Long emphasizes the importance of redefining success beyond material achievements. Instead, focus on building meaningful relationships within your team and fostering a positive workplace culture. Incorporate concepts from emotional intelligence and team development to create a collaborative and respectful environment. You’ll establish trust and enhance teamwork by prioritizing relationships, leading to stronger outcomes.

  1. Incorporate New Age Leadership Principles

To make your meetings more impactful, integrate three guiding principles of new-age leadership: humility, empathy, and vulnerability. Embrace humility by recognizing that you don’t have all the answers and encourage input from team members. Foster empathy to understand and relate to others’ perspectives, creating an inclusive and supportive environment. Lastly, embrace vulnerability by sharing your experiences and encouraging openness among team members. These principles will foster a culture of trust and innovation.

  1. Enhance Communication and Conflict Resolution: 

Effective communication is vital for productive meetings. De Long highlights the importance of developing emotional intelligence and using conflict as an opportunity for growth. Encourage open dialogue and provide space for diverse opinions. Equip your team with conflict resolution skills to address disagreements constructively. Your meetings will become more collaborative and solution-oriented by fostering effective communication and managing conflicts positively.

  1. Engage in Strategic Planning: 

Strategic planning is crucial for organizational growth and success. Rather than attempting to develop a strategic plan solely within the confines of the office, consider investing in off-site company retreats. Lead2Goals, Scott De Long’s organization, offers off-site strategic planning retreat packages to help organizations avoid distractions and focus on tasks. By providing an environment conducive to strategic thinking, you can unlock new ideas and develop effective plans for the future.

  1. Invest in Leadership Development: 

Investing in leadership development is key to driving meaningful outcomes in meetings. Lead2Goals offers executive coaching and training programs to enhance leadership skills and foster personal growth. Through their Circle of Trust process, Dr. De Long and his team guide leaders in developing strong relationships and becoming the best version of themselves. By prioritizing leadership development, you can bring a growth mindset to your meetings and inspire your team to achieve greater results.

In conclusion, meetings should be purposeful and yield meaningful outcomes. By implementing the strategies and insights shared by Scott De Long, you can transform your meetings into productive and impactful sessions. Redefine success, prioritize relationships, and incorporate new-age leadership principles to create a positive work environment. Enhance communication and conflict resolution skills to foster collaboration and innovation. Engage in strategic planning through off-site retreats to develop effective plans for your organization’s future. Finally, invest in leadership development to inspire your team and drive success. With these five approaches, you can make your meetings matter and create a more productive and fulfilling work environment.