How Do You Grow Marijuana Commercially?

Growing marijuana is not that challenging if you follow the right steps. Marijuana is highly in demand, and in many places in America, it is legal, which is also rewarding. Below are some of the essential tips to get you started in growing this magical herb. Start your growth in Washington St. It is one of the most favorable places to do so.

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Select the strain

Before you start your marijuana growing journey, it is essential to know the results you are looking forward to. There are several strains, and each of them has its benefits. Choose wisely and ensure you have a lot of knowledge on that particular strain.


Your setup can be a single room or a fully grown commercial base to get started. There are several advantages of growing marijuana indoors. You will not find any issue with natural challenges that a lot of the outdoor growers find.

The art of growing

Once you have the set up ready, it is now time to master the art of growing marijuana. The process might seem challenging in the initial stages, but gradually you will be able to handle it quite easily. There are two ways you can grow marijuana. One is growing from the widely popular seeds, and the other is growing from clones. Both have their benefits, and it is essential to have an in-depth knowledge of both before starting. This way, you can ascertain which growing method would be best for you.

Ventilation System

Just setting up an indoor growing area is not enough. Allowing your marijuana plants to thrive, you will require proper ventilation and environmental aspects. You will need to provide natural ventilation and exhaust systems to allow the plants to breathe and grow naturally.

Grow Lights for Marijuana

If you are growing your marijuana plants indoors, then grow lights are very prominent. They offer the right balance of light to the plants to carry out their natural processes like photosynthesis. While preparing your setup, it is essential to improvise on the lighting system required to allow ample light to all plants growing in there.

Water management

Water is an essential component for growing marijuana plants apart from light and oxygen. In indoor plantation cases, it is advised to use an air pump with all necessary nutrients added to the water. The air pump will provide water to the plants and, at the same time, offer air so that it does not get drowned. Also, ensure to keep a backup of water so that your plants do not get affected during power cuts.


Nutrients are a very vital component for the growth of marijuana plants apart from light and water. Nutrients like nitrogen aid faster growth and phosphorus can maximize and speed up the roots and flower growth process.

Flowering Stage

The flowering stage is the most prominent in the entire growing process. The growth from the vegetation to the flowering stage is relatively slow, and you need to be patient. The flowering stage lasts for a minimum of 8 weeks. This period you have to be very cautious if you are looking for the best results.


Now is the time you have been waiting for. The harvesting period can be easily identified as the plants now carry huge buds separated from the plants. Do not harvest too early. Instead, wait for the right time when the THC content is at its highest level.