Don’t Allow Anxiety To Suppress Your Dream.

We’ve all felt anxious or depressed at one point in our life. This anticipation for the future is not always negative. However, when these feelings of nervousness, worry, and tension become so intense, they can interfere with our everyday life. Additionally, anxiety can shut down your dreams or ambitions if you are not careful enough. Studies have shown that 33% of the world’s population is affected by anxiety at some point. 

Courtenay Turner is one of the people that has suffered anxiety. She was born with many physical limitations, including congenital rubella that resulted in hearing impairment and hypotonia, among other conditions. 

These life and death battles became a threat that made her always hungry for knowledge and creative expression. She spent most of her life exploring the human psyche via academic pursuits while turning to movement for healing and self-expression. Courtenay believes that movements unlock the healing gifts that naturally occur with us. 

Overcoming Anxiety

No matter your disability, it is entirely possible to overcome the challenges and live your dreams. Though it might not be easy to adapt to life with a disability, there are ways to help yourself survive with limitations, overcome challenges, and build a rewarding life.

  • Movement

One of the ways is through movement. Engaging in exercises will help divert you from the very thing you are anxious about. 

Moving your body decreases muscle tension, which helps lower your body’s contribution to feeling anxious. Research on depression and anxiety has shown that exercise, movement, and other physical activities can help reduce anxiety, improve mood, and improve other health problems. 

Courtenay overcame her anxiety and made explosive results in athleticism by exploring the power of movement. She turned to movement to heal physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. The movement practices she did as a child and persisted in her teen years helped her build confidence in her ability to overcome physical and emotional challenges. 

Therefore develop a movement mindset. Set your mind that challenges will never end. When you overcome one challenge, prepare to face another challenge. This quest for always wanting to overcome challenges gave birth to the Courtenay Turner podcast.

  • Have a robust mental resilience 

A strong mental resilience will help you to stay positive and keep focused. It will help if you stay productive and less afraid of uncertain circumstances. Also, manage and work through emotions, even when it’s out of your comfort zone. 

Resilience helped Courtenay cope with first-hand experience with many challenging conditions and overcome them. She was able to tap into her strength and support systems to overcome her challenges and work through her problem. 

She is now well-positioned to advise anyone facing anxiety due to challenging times in their business and personal life. When overcoming challenges becomes a habit, resilience is born. 

Wrap Up

It is possible to get the better of your anxiety and live your dreams. All you need to do is develop a movement mindset and embrace resilience. For more information, click here.