Pat Clark’s 4 Lessons Startup Entrepreneurs Can Learn

Pat Clark is the owner of Precision Pro Wash in Greenville, SC. This company has been providing exterior cleaning services since 2006. They have also been leaders in soft washing across the country and training other companies. 

Pat is husband to Shielagh, and together they are blessed with four children, Logan, Abigail, Noah, and Greta. They homeschool and run their business together. 

However, for Pat to achieve these great heights of success, the journey hasn’t been a walk in the park. Here are lessons entrepreneurs can learn. 

  1. Never Give Up

Pat went into foster care when he was in the 7th grade. He moved into various schools until he was placed in foster care permanently due to his fighting habits. 

He went through a rough time under the supervision of his foster family. In other words, he was like a slave laborer. He had to dig holes daily after school, wash the floors with his hands and do the laundry. 

His friend Kevin always encouraged him not to give up. These are the words that kept his dreams and hopes alive. Today Pat is the owner of an exterior cleaning business empire worth millions of dollars. He owns more than ten locations in 8 states, including Washington, Kentucky, Tennessee and New York. 

  1. You Need A Proper Sales System

Establishing a proper sales system is what changed the game for Pat. Initially, he didn’t know about systems or critical performance indicators until 2010, when he hired his business coach, who helped him get established. His sales skyrocketed into millions of dollars within a short period. 

Sales systems will save you time by helping you get organized, track your deals more efficiently, and manage your contacts. You can also track your team’s progress against sales quotas and project sales revenue. Sales systems will help you meet and exceed your goals with ease. 

  1. Offer Exceptional Customer Service

Good customer service always creates long-term relationships. These will result in customer recommendations and increased conversion. Additionally, it will improve your public image and profits as well. 

At Precision Pro Wash, Patrick only hires and keeps the best. Even technicians are measured by technical skills and customer satisfaction scores. The person who shows up to clean your property cares about your home. Customer satisfaction is key to your business’s sustainability. 

  1. Be Innovative

The world is changing fast, and you need to keep up with the trends. Innovation will keep you productive, reduce costs, increase competitiveness, and improve brand recognition and profitability.

Precision commercial and residential portfolios include multiple services; soft washing of vinyl siding, roofs and wood and composite wood surfaces; gutter cleaning and brightening; Raindrop Gutter Guards;  and pressure washing of concrete and paver stones. Many cleaning entrepreneurs across the nation have adopted their systems. Through their innovation, they have been able to serve other communities and continue to deliver excellence to every customer daily. For more lessons, you can connect to Pat Clark through this website.