3 Tips by Ron Bauer on How to Successfully Start a Business

Starting a business is not always an easy task. It involves proper planning, making critical financial decisions, and completing a series of legal activities. Ron Bauer has been helping entrepreneurs start businesses that they are passionate about. 

As a dynamic Venture Capitalist and Entrepreneur himself with extensive international Private Equity investment experience, Ron helps founders raise money and eventually go public. He helps mentor and guide entrepreneurs and founders of all types of businesses, from startups to advanced late-stage companies. 

In this article, Ron shares three secrets that will navigate you to start and grow your business successfully. 

  1. You Need to Fund Your Business

Funding is crucial for any startup business. However, most of them struggle with understanding the various funding options, making many fail in their operations’ early years. 

Crowdfunding has been gaining popularity in recent years.s. Businesses can now pitch thousands of investors directly through these regulated crowdfunding portals without having to spend months meeting hundreds of groups of investors. According to Ron, crowdfunding will help you raise money for your business without having to deal with venture capital funds or spend weeks, if not months, traveling the country and meeting investors. You can run a solid campaign from your business or home with the power of the internet and social media in your corner. All you need is a community and a fan base. 

One of the things to help you know the amount of money you require is your business plan and a solid financial model. You will also need tens, hundreds, or thousands of people committed to the success of your campaign. Ron can help guide you with the contacts you require from his vast global network to help launch a campaign.

  • You Need Proper Investor Materials

Before starting your business, think about your collateral materials. These investor materials include an executive summary, investor presentation, business plan, financial model, corporate website, and corporate video. 

An executive summary provides a short, concise summary of your business which plays a central role in achieving your business goals. This is usually 4-6 pages in length.

A well-outlined investor presentation will attract investors and support you in positioning your investment case. This is usually 24 – 26 slides in length.

A business plan is a strategic tool for entrepreneurs. It helps them to make business ideas succeed and achieve short-term and long-term objectives. This is usually a 40-60 page document.

A financial model is also vital in determining the likely financial outcomes based on a company’s historical performance and assumptions concerning future revenue, expenses, and other variables. This usually covers up to 5 years of projections and any previous years.

A website will give your business an online presence which is key to the success of your business. 

Corporate videos allow brands and businesses to tell their story. It increases awareness and engagement of what your company does and what you can offer your clients. This should never be more than 1.5 minutes, or you risk losing your audience’s attention.

  • You Need A Good Network

One strategy to grow your startup business quickly is to surround yourself with individuals who are more intelligent and successful than you. You need to engage with people and surround yourself with smart, talented, and hardworking people with different skills. This is a culture you should also incorporate into your team, ensuring you build a dedicated team. 

Ron always recruits talented people no matter what space or sector his ventures have been in. He can seek out and find the people needed to make those companies successful from an operational or financial standpoint. 

For more tips on how to start your business successfully, you can connect to Ron Bauer on his website – www.thescapital.com