Taking Web 3 GameFi and P2E Fantasy Sports To A Whole New Level

The gaming industry is one of the largest industries today. The global pandemic accelerated this growth as people were forced into lockdown. Staying indoors became the new normal, and gaming became one of the ways to pass time. Thanks to web three, we are witnessing a renaissance where players play to earn. Players would play in the web 2 world, and the money would go to the big companies. But the evolution of blockchain technology and NFTs has wholly altered the power dynamics giving rise to a new environment where the player and the experience are the core of the game. 

 We had the opportunity to talk to the owners of the latest company in the web three and crypto field, Stadio Global. The company is building a tech stack to administer, manage and fulfill utility-backed NFTs. We talked to Martin Lazaveric to uncover how the company is taking web three, gamefi, and p2e sports to a whole new level. 

About Stadio Global 

Stadio is an enabling tech with an initial footprint in sports. The company offers tech benefits to brands, businesses, marketers, and creators who seek to benefit from benefits-backed NFTs. So far, Stadio has been in the limelight for its platform’s benefits to the sports industry. The company helps athletes monetize their NFT game called Stadio leaguez. One of the ways that they benefit is from the sale and resale of their exclusive 1 of 1 dynamic Leaguez NFT. 

Stadio plans to expand their tech verticals to other fields such as B2B, entertainment, and music. their tech stack can be used as a web three complement to creators existing in marketing/fan engagement processes. As such, brands that are looking to create fan engagement can also look to use Stadio’s tech stack to allow them to administer better, manage, and fulfill the benefits of NFTs and the utility provided on the NFT chain. 

Taking GameFi & P2E fantasy sports to a whole new level 

Stadio has opportunities in GameFi and P2E sports that benefit all players. The company’s NFT Leaguez lets athletes enter the leaguez through their own 1 of 1 NFT. The exciting part is that the athlete NFTs will be backed by real-world statistics. Therefore, the player’s performance in real-life affects their NFT performance in the leaguez. 

Fans earn tokens by participating in Stadio’s ecosystem. They can use these tokens for many things, such as buying access to exclusive content like pre-match and post-match interviews. The fans can redeem the tokens for future things in the ecosystem, and there are plans to create a system where the tokens can be exchanged with crypto. 

To Conclude 

Stadio has disrupted the Gamefi, P2E, and web three by creating a decentralized system that lets players monetize and engage. 

 The company’s enabling tech stack offers a rich experience for fans, creators, and B2B across many verticals. Any business or creator who wants to create and manage their benefits-backed NFTs can leverage what Stadio offers.