Five Worldly Freelance Careers You Can Do While Traveling Non-Stop

There are many reasons why being a freelancer is awesome. But the biggest one of them all is the freedom it provides you. Yes, you have unlimited earning potential, but you also have total freedom to work from anywhere in the world.

This means you can constantly travel to new places and work remotely from any location, provided there is an internet connection.

You have the ability to turn almost any idea, passion, or specialty into a freelancing option – you just have to master productivity and self-discipline. If you are struggling to come up with options I have put together a little list of freelancing opportunities that are in high demand.

Freelance Blogger

There are a couple of different routes you can take with this one. You could create your own blog and constantly post new content and hope it takes off and becomes popular. From there you could sell ad space or offer your own services.

Or you could blog for other websites in a ghost writing role. There is a huge demand right now for quality writers. Blogging is a part of business these days and most companies are in need of content. You can also use an interest of yours and offer yours service to that industry – that way you will always be writing about topics you enjoy.

Social Media Consultant

With social media becoming so popular it has almost forced all companies to establish and maintain some level of social media presence. Not all of them understand social media, nor have the budget to hire a full time social media manager.

This has created a big demand for social media experts. You can either handle the entire campaign design and marketing, or act in a consulting role, helping them to understand, map out and adjust their social media strategy.

You need to know what will work best for you and create an offering that compliments that.

freelance and travel the world

Language Translator

International travel is at an all-time high, making the need for translators and translation services a great opportunity for you if you can read and write multiple languages.

The owner of AT IT Translation has clients all over that use the company’s French translation services, and they are able to provide those services from anywhere in the world. This can be a very easy business to get started as very little to any startup capital is needed.

Web Developer

This is a very lucrative opportunity but there is one catch – you have to have the skills to pay the bills. If you have development and coding skills then you can easily find high paying work on any of the top freelancer marketplace websites.

It’s not something you can really “learn as you go” as these companies are looking to hire experience and talent. Your reviews will play a big part in attracting new clients as well, so you have to be able to deliver top notch service.

work from anywhere as a freelancer

Affiliate Marketer

If you are a savvy internet marketer you can make money through affiliate offers. These type of offers pay you a referral fee or commission for every ‘action” that is performed through your link.

This could be a sale or a lead. It’s identified by the advertiser. You have to be able to generate the actions for less that the payout in order to profit. Not easy to do for a beginner, but those with experience can make a very nice living doing this from a laptop.

Marissa Sanders

Marissa Sanders is a co-founder of the Duovolt Art blog.