Disrupting the Entire E-learning Industry to Scale

E-learning is a western mode of carrying out learning activities with the aid of advanced technology. This learning model has been adopted in different parts of the world following its tremendous success in education. 

Alain Merville is one of the individuals who have greatly embraced this means of education. Merville decided to disrupt this form of education with the clear aim of educating musicians in the community. 

He has highly contributed to the growth and development of musicians in the community since he believes that musicians can elevate the culture and the living standards in different communities. 

Background History of Alain Merville

Merville is a professional musician who attended the Berklee College of Music, where he sharpened his music skills. He is a prominent musician with an exceptional reputation in the music industry. 

Since Merville has established a strong foundation and music platform for himself, he decided to come with an explicit manner of supporting other growing musicians in the industry. E-learning was the only way to reach different musicians around the world. 

How did Alain Merville conquer the e-learning industry? 

The Formation of YousicPlay.com

After Merville realized that e-learning was the way to go, he established YousicPlay.com. YousicPlay is an online music platform that supports growing talents in the community by linking them to celebrity musicians worldwide. 

YousicPlay.com offers online lessons to students around the world through various online platforms. The lessons are facilitated with prominent musicians who have an impeccable reputation in their communities and the entire globe in general. 

Besides, the online courses are offered in bits where students can readily gain access to the pre-recorded courses they have to offer. A music student has the liberty to choose a single course according to their need, and soon, they plan to launch their subscription offer in the fall-winter of 2021. This learning model has turned out fruitful since many musicians have benefited from it in different parts of the world.

Besides, Alain Merville involves popular musicians such as Ne-Yo to offer his experience and words of wisdom to other growing musicians from different parts of the world. After Merville identified the fruits of e-learning, he decided to bring in another aspect to support learning. 

Writing Course Books

Alain Merville writes course books for courses. He spends time researching to develop a straightforward way of educating young talents. This mode of educating young talents has worked for Alain in the past. His courses feature prominent music artists from different parts of the world. Coupled with his online classes, Alain can achieve his goal of bringing the best out of the musicians. 

Serving as the Chief Executive Officer of YousicPlay.com, Merville spent most of his time supporting and teaching musicians different music production roles. She teaches music theory and how to understand better and use music. 

Also, he facilitates piano lessons through YouTube, where different musicians worldwide get an opportunity to learn important piano skills