Brand Voice: Mint Global Marketing Discusses How To Create An Authentic Brand Voice

Building a brand that your audience views as authentic can be very difficult. Experts at Mint Global Marketing have been perfecting the craft for decades. Thanks to social media, there are so many ways to build an authentic brand voice, but it still takes time and planning. 

I was able to score an interview with some professionals at Mint Global Marketing, and I made building a brand voice the subject of that interview. Mint Global Marketing was able to give me some fantastic advice and answer all of my questions. I have no doubt you’ll benefit greatly from this interview, so I’m sharing it with you! 

Which social media platforms are best for creating an authentic brand? 

Every platform is important, but the most important platform is the one your audience actually uses. Not every brand will have the same audience, and not every audience will use the same platforms. 

If your audience skews younger, for example, you’ll probably want to use platforms like TikTok. If they’re older, Facebook may be the way to go. You want to use statistics to guide your hand because sometimes it isn’t intuitive. 

What kind of posts should you make in order to build an authentic brand?

Well, you should make many posts. Start discussions, post updates, post things about your life, make jokes, and even post ads. However, you should keep direct ads to a minimum. 

People that follow you already care about your brand and your product, so there’s no reason to post your products every single day. Just treat your audience like people and post things that they would like.

When making posts, how can you actually convey your brand, though?

First off, you should choose your brand. Are you funny? Sassy? Super formal? Think about these things. Maybe even experiment with them. What kind of brand tone gets the most interaction from your audience? Do they like when you joke around or talk a little smack to them? 

If so, maybe that’s the branding you should go with. However, keep in mind a good social media manager will be invaluable when pushing your brand. 

How can you make your brand authentic and not come off as shallow or fake?

No one wants to appear fake; you’re right. One way to avoid coming off as inauthentic is to actually research your audience and the platform you are using. 

For example, people on Twitter do not speak the same way as people on Reddit or Tumblr. Every social media platform will need its own tone, and you’ll need to learn the inside jokes. Otherwise, you’ll come off as very shallow and fake. 

Should trends be ignored then? Will following trends make your brand feel less authentic?

Absolutely not; you don’t need to ignore trends completely. Granted, you shouldn’t rely entirely on trends, but you can definitely have fun with them. 

Trends are actually a great way to get noticed and grab some new followers. You don’t have to participate with every trend, but if a trend fits your brand or you can put a fun spin on it that fits your brand, then it is one of the best ways to convey an authentic brand voice.